School Management System

Prim Sols is a complete, fully customizable School Management System provider, ideal for schools of all sizes. Schools choose Prim Sols because it assists them in efficiently managing all back office processes in one integrated system.

Prim Sols provides access to appropriate information and functions to all members of your school community, including school administrators, school leaders, academic staff and parents.

It provides a user-friendly, technologically advanced solution to integrating the school processes of financial management, enrolments, enquiries, student management, timetabling, and academic reporting.

Comprehensive and feature rich Prim School Management System offers the following:

  • Dynamic graphical menu interface based on processes
  • Secure operating environment for each ‘role’ in the school
  • Customizable graphics such as school logos and pictures in screens and reports
  • Screens, menus and workflows can be adapted and changed to individual site requirements
  • Flexible report writer enables reports to be customized for individual requirement
  • Designed to integrate with and support web-based product

Prim Sols offers a modular school management system, consolidated in the following components, simplifying the implementation process and improving integration within the product. Additional components can be added into the central system, making the vision of a school-wide information solution a reality.

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Transport Management System

Prim Sols is the leading provider of Transport and Logistics software solutions Company. With many implementations, Prim Sols has the most feature rich, scalable and robust solutions available. Our Transport & Logistics software solutions help our customers improve the efficiency, scope and performance of their business.

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